Biotech R&D Laboratories started manufacturing Electrophoresis units under the brand name “BIOTECH” in 1983. The company was founded by Dr. K. Anbalagan who is an expert in electrophoresis. He has also published many research papers in this field. Since our inception, we have established ourselves as a high quality manufacturer and supplier of Electrophoresis Units in the country. We manufacture wide varieties of horizontal, vertical, paper electrophoresis models, blotting units, transilluminators, power packs and gel documentation systems. Our products are widely acclaimed for superior quality and long service life. Our dealer network is spread across the country through which we are giving efficient service to our customers

Biotech R&D Laboratories has been one of the leading manufacturers of many models of

    • Electrophoresis System

    • UV transilluminators

    • Blotting Apparatus

    • Power packs

    • Gel Documentation system

We have been in the industry since 1983 and manufacture all the above units in-house. We have supplied our systems to most of the reputed institutions across India through our dealer networks. The products are very sturdy and reliable and we provide 1 year of warranty for all the products.

Our Key Products

Paper Electrophoresis System
Paper Electrophoresis
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Horizontal (Immuno) Electrophoresis System
Immuno (Horizontal) Electrophoresis
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Submarine (Horizontal) Gel System
Submarine Horizontal

Gel Electrophoresis
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Rod (Tube/Disc) Gel System
Tube (Rod/Disc)Gel
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Vertical (SDS) Slab
Gel Electrophoresis
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Blotting System
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UV Transilluminators
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Power Pack
Power Pack
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Gel Documentation Analysis
Gel Documentation
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What sets us apart?

We have been in the industry since 1983 and manufacture all the items in-house

      • Dealer network pan-India
      • We have delivered to pan-India 
      • Equipment designed by the most experienced